Fountains Apartments are located next door to the large Arlberg Apartment complex.

Click this map to see exactly where we are…


Click this map to see where we are on the mountain…


Finding Fountains Apartments
Coming from the Harrietville side, you’ll know that you’ve finally arrived at Mt Hotham, when you see a little tunnel and directly in front of you is a sign that says “Welcome to Mt Hotham”

The road curves a little and you’ll see a big apartment building on the left, then a big open carpark on the right.

Then on you right you’ll see a really big apartment building called The Arlberg. Fountains is next door to the Alberg – on the far side.

There is a big set of steel stairs (I’ll have it all lit up for you, If you tell me you plan to arrive after dark) that has a sign half way up – FOUNTAINS APARTMENTS

You can either park at the bottom of the stairs and walk up to the building. The first apartment you’ll arrive at is Apt 15.  Apt 16 is next door, along the walkway.  Whilst Apt 18 is a little further along the walkway.

To find Apt 12, continue to walk up the stairs. You’ll arrive at a some stairs on your right, between the two main Fountains buildings. Walk up the stairs towards the grass section between to 2 buildings. Apt 12 is halfway along, in your right hand side.

Alternatively, you can park at the back of the building and walk down to your apartment. The access to the back is via Higgi Drive. Higgi Drive is off the large car park (Coral Car Park) as you enter Hotham village.